Step for building dependencies with Carthage on Bitrise
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Carthage step for iOS/Mac

Plain simple build step for setting up your project with Carthage.

Cache Carthage dependencies on Bitrise

You can cache the result of carthage bootstrap to make Bitrise faster when building unchanged dependencies. For that you'll have to set up caching in your Bitrise workflow.

  1. add a cache pull step before your Carthage step,
  2. set up a cache push step after your Carthage step and make sure to add ./Carthage -> ./Carthage/Cachefile.

The Cachefile stores a Swift version you ran carthage bootstrap the last time and the content of your Cartfile.resolved. Until either of these information is not changed between builds, Bitrise will ignore the bootstrap call and use the cached content of your Carthage/Build directory for building your project. If you have changes in your Cartfile.resolved, or changed the stack to one with a different Swift version, it will run carthage bootstrap to make sure the cache is only used when it's 100% compatible.

Run locally

Can be run directly with the bitrise CLI, just git clone this repository, cd into it's folder in your Terminal/Command Line and call bitrise run test.

Check the bitrise.yml file for required inputs which have to be added to your .bitrise.secrets.yml file!