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Sets the Build Number to the specified value in the Info.plist file for the next build
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Set Xcode Project Build Number

Sets the Build Number (bundle version) to the specified value, in the target Info.plist file for the next build.


  • plist_path: "" (required)

    Path to the given target's Info.plist file. You need to use this step for each archivable target of your project.

  • build_version: "$BITRISE_BUILD_NUMBER" (required)

    Set the CFBundleVersion to this value.

  • build_version_offset: ""

    This offset will be added to build_version input's value.

  • build_short_version_string: ""

    Set the CFBundleShortVersionString to this value.


Exported Environment variables

  • XCODE_BUNDLE_VERSION: The bundle version used in the Info.plist file


  1. Fork this repository
  2. Make changes
  3. Submit a PR

How to run this step from source

  1. Clone this repository
  2. cd to the cloned repository's root
  3. Create a bitrise.yml (if not yet created)
  4. Prepare a workflow that contains a step with the id: path::./

    For example:

    format_version: "6"
        - path::./:
            - my_input: "my input value"
  5. Run the workflow: bitrise run my-workflow


This is an official Step managed by and is available in the Workflow Editor and in our Bitrise CLI tool. If you seen something in this readme that never before please visit some of our knowledge base to read more about that:

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