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Tools for developers on Bitrix
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Tools for developers on Bitrix CMS:

  • IblockTools: finder info blocks and properties by IDs or symbol codes.
use Bex\Tools\Iblock\IblockTools;

$iblockFinder = IblockTools::find('iblock_type', 'iblock_code');

$iblockId = $iblockFinder->id();
$propEnumId = $iblockFinder->propEnumId('PROP_CODE', 'VALUE_XML_ID');

// And much more…
  • GroupTools: finder users groups by IDs or symbol codes.
use Bex\Tools\Group\GroupTools;

$groupFinder = GroupTools::find('group_code');

$groupId = $groupFinder->id();
$groupCode = GroupTools::findById(3)->code();

// And that's not all ;-)
  • HlBlockTools: finder for highloadblock IDs by it's names.
use Bex\Tools\HlBlock\HlBlockTools;

$hlBlockFinder = HlBlockTools::find('ReferenceName');

$hlBlockId = $hlBlockFinder->id();
$hlBlockName = HlBlockTools::findById(2)->name();
  • Catalog\GroupTools: finder for catalog groups (price types) by it's names? id's or "BASE" flag.
use Bex\Tools\Catalog\GroupTools;

$catalogGroupFinder = GroupTools::find('RETAIL');
$priceTypeId = $catalogGroupFinder->id();

$priceTypeName = GroupTools::findBase()->name();
  • Prevents the creation of infoblocks with the same codes.
  • Prevents the creation of user groups with the same string id.


Add library on your Composer:

composer require bitrix-expert/tools


See wiki and php docs in the classes of library.

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