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(println "hello world")
(defn hello [name] (str "Hello, " name))
(hello "Stu")
(hello "Clojure")
(str *1 " and " *2)
(/ 1 0)
(.printStackTrace *e)
;;(load-file "temp.clj")
(conj #{} "Stu")
(def visitors (ref #{}))
(alter visitors conj "Stu")
(dosync (alter visitors conj "Stu"))
(deref visitors)
(defn hello-state
(let [past-visitor (@visitors name)]
(if past-visitor
(str "Welcome back, " name)
(alter visitors conj name)
(str "Hello, " name))))))
(hello-state "Rich")
(hello-state "Rich")
(require 'clojure.contrib.str-utils)
(require 'examples.introduction)
(take 10 examples.introduction/fibs)
(refer 'examples.introduction)
(take 10 fibs)
(use 'examples.introduction)
(take 10 fibs)
(use :reload-all 'examples.introduction)
(doc str)
(defn hello-doc
"doc string"
(println (str "Hello, " name)))
(find-doc "reduce")
(use 'clojure.repl)
(source identity)
(use '[clojure.contrib.repl-utils :only (show)])
(show java.util.HashMap)
(show #{})
(ancestors (class [1 2 3]))