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(ns algorithm
(:require [clojure.string :as str]))
(defn cross [as bs]
(for [a as, b bs] (str a b)))
(defn all? [coll]
(every? identity coll))
(defn copy [values]
(atom @values))
(def digits (set "123456789"))
(def rows "ABCDEFGHI")
(def cols digits)
(def squares (cross rows cols))
(def unitlist
(for [c cols] (cross rows [c]))
(for [r rows] (cross [r] cols))
(for [rs (partition 3 rows), cs (partition 3 cols)] (cross rs cs))))
(def units
(into {} (for [s squares] [s (filter #(some #{s} %) unitlist)])))
(def peers
(into {} (for [s squares] [s (disj (set (flatten (units s))) s)])))
(declare assign eliminate helper-1 helper-2)
(defn assign [values s d]
(let [other-values (disj (@values s) d)]
(if (every? #(eliminate values s %) other-values)
(defn eliminate [values s d]
(if-not ((@values s) d)
(let [other-values (disj (@values s) d)]
(swap! values assoc s other-values)
(not (helper-1 values s)) false
(not (helper-2 values s d)) false
:else values))))
;; If a square s is reduced to 1 value d2, then eliminate d2 from peers.
(defn helper-1 [values s]
(case (count (@values s))
0 false
1 (let [d2 (first (@values s))]
(every? #(eliminate values % d2) (peers s)))
;; If a unit u is reduced to 1 place for a value d, then put it there.
(defn helper-2 [values s d]
(all? (for [u (units s)]
(let [dplaces (filter #((@values %) d) u)]
(case (count dplaces)
0 false
1 (assign values (first dplaces) d)
(defn grid-values [grid]
(zipmap squares grid))
(defn parse-grid [grid]
(let [values (atom (zipmap squares (repeat digits)))]
(if (all? (for [[s d] (grid-values grid) :when (digits d)]
(assign values s d)))
(defn search [values]
(not values) false
(every? #(= 1 (count (@values %))) squares) values
:else (let [unfilled (filter #(> (count (@values %)) 1) squares)
s (apply min-key #(count (@values %)) unfilled)]
(some #(search (assign (copy values) s %)) (@values s)))))
(defn solve [grid]
(search (parse-grid grid)))
(defn solve-file [file]
(let [grid (remove #{\newline \return} (slurp file))]
(solve grid)))