Easily embed Instagram photos on your website. Uses CORS and supports multiple user feeds.
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SaladSpinner - Easily embed multiple Instagram feeds on your blog or website

SaladSpinner makes it easy to add Instagram feeds to your website. SaladSpinner requires that your feeds be authenticated with BitSalad.co, first.


Download the script and include it in your HTML:

<script type="text/javascript" src="path/to/salad-spinner.min.js"></script>

Basic Usage

Fetch and show your feed:

<script type="text/javascript">
    userId: 'your_bitsalad_user_id',
    users: [authenticated_user_id, another_authenticated_user_id],
    sortBy: 'created_time',
    links: false,
    resolution: 'low_resolution',
    id: 'dom-element-id'


All you need is a userId from BitSalad.co and at least one Instagram user_id. Head over to BitSalad., signin with your Instagram account and create your first feed.


  • userId - Required. Your user id from BitSalad.co.
  • id - The ID of the DOM element where you want to add the images to.
  • template - Custom HTML template to use for images. See templating.
  • filterByTags (array of strings) - Retun only media with certain tags.
  • sortBy (string) - Sort your media. Available options are:
    • created_time - Newest to oldest.
    • likes.count - Highest # of likes to lowest.
    • comments.count - Highest # of comments to lowest.
  • links - Wrap media with a link to its source on Instagram.
  • limit - Maximum number of items to return.
  • resolution - Size of the images to get. Available options are:
    • thumbnail (default) - 150x150
    • low_resolution - 306x306
    • standard_resolution - 612x612


The template option allows you to control the markup for each feed item.

Basic example:

<script type="text/javascript">
    userId: 'your_bitsalad_user_id',
    users: [authenticated_user_id, another_authenticated_user_id],
    id: 'dom-element-id',
    template: "<div class='image'><img src='<%= url %>' width='<%= width %>' height='<%= height %>' /><%= likes.count %></div>"