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Bitseed Full Node

A turnkey Bitcoin full node device

The Bitseed Bitcoin Core Full Node

The Bitseed Personal Server is a small and inexpensive device that is dedicated to running Bitcoin Core (the Satoshi client.) It is a small server that runs a full bitcoin node, which stores and validates the complete blockchain, and transmits transactions across the bitcoin network. The Bitseed Personal Server is not a bitcoin miner, thus it does not earn bitcoin, but as a full node it provides an essential service to the network.


  • Maintains the full blockchain stored inside the device.
  • Runs the "Satoshi" open source client (Bitcoin Core).
  • Can serve as a trusted node for phones, tablets, and PCs running lightweight (SPV) clients.
  • Can be used as a local blockchain database for advanced blockchain applications.
  • Always on, 24/7/365.
  • Low power consumption: Uses less than 10 watts of power.


  • Easy setup – just plug it into your router and turn it on.
  • No display monitor required.
  • Preloaded with full blockchain.
  • Access blockchain data via bitcoind or bitcoin-cli RPC interface.
  • Power consumption is less than 10 watts (about 10% of a typical PC).
  • 4 GB RAM and 2 GHz Quad Core processor.
  • OS is Ubuntu 16.04 64bit. It can support a keyboard and HDMI monitor if desired.
  • 1 TB storage will support the bitcoin blockchain for years.


The Bitseed Personal Server requires minimal configuration and maintenance; the Quickstart Guide can be found here.

There is also an excellent guide for node operators located here.

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