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Are you looking to help with uncrustify development? Great!
Here are some tasks that need to be done:
1. New features
Look at the feature requests on the Sourceforge project site.
Do any interest you?
Most are easily done, but I haven't had the 'itch' to implement them.
2. Test Coverage
The test coverage right now is hardly adequate.
I would appreciate it if someone could make sure that every option is
tested and add tests as needed.
Automated testing is good. Without it, we can't detect regressions.
Any option that doesn't have an associated test isn't really supported.
3. Code cleanup
I don't have much time to work on uncrustify.
When I do, it is usually a short span - only an hour or two.
This leads to unreachable code and doing the same thing in multiple places.
Trace through the code and find these "problems".
I found one the other day in do_space(). A new feature didn't work because
several lines of code were not reachable.
4. Code redesign
Code gets ugly over time when new features are added willy-nilly.
The problem is that the requirements are not known before the design is done.
There are a few areas in particular that could benefit from a redesign.
4a. brace_cleanup
The code in brace_cleanup is ugly. It works, but it is ugly.
It was written with the assumption that there is no 'next' chunk.
I had planned to merge that code in with the tokenizer.
That didn't happen.
So we are left with code that is more complicated than it needs to be.
I haven't had the time or energy to revisit that code; I probably never will.
If you'd like to take a stab at it... the would be wonderful.
4b. indent_text
I think this function could be reworked to better take advantage of the
paren stack.
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