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This is a suite of tools written by a few members of BitsForEveryone for use in an Attack-Defend style CTF. It was written very quickly, and there are bugs; however, we believe it addresses the basic components needed to simplify Attack-Defense CTFs. There are 4 basic components and all function independently.

Grapefruit IDS

A simple IDS designed with ctf in mind. Pcaps are parsed with tcpflow, and flows are databased with sqlite3 with an unobtrusive front-end written with Flask.


A CLI based throwing framework written in python for automating the scheduled throwing of exploits and network chaff for distraction.


An experimental script for maintaining persistence on a box in a way that is hard to observe in network traffic. Communications between the host and victim change ports regularly, almost like frequency-hopping radio communications.


Starter scripts for common fuzzing frameworks

Neat-O One Liners

Command Purpose
netstat -tulpn see what programs listen on what ports
fuser -k 31337/tcp kill process binding on tcp port 31337
for i in {x..y}; do kill -9 $i; done kill range of processes (like if fuzzing gone badddd)

NGINX URL Filtering

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