Output files Apache Preflight 2.0.0 for selection of PDFs from Adobe's Acrobat Engineering website
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Apache Preflight analysis Adobe Acrobat Engineering PDFs

This repo contains output files of Adobe Acrobat Preflight and Apache Preflight (part of the PDFBox library) for a selection of the test PDFs on Adobe's Acrobat Engineering website. The following files were analysed:

  1. all files in the General section of the Font Testing category;
  2. all files in the Classic Multimedia section of the Multimedia & 3D Tests category (and a couple of files in the 3D section as well).

Software versions:

Software Version
Apache Preflight 2.0.0
Adobe Acrobat 10.14
Acrobat Preflight 10.1.3 (090)
  • Acrobat Preflight was run using the PDF/A-1b profile
  • Apache Prelight was run with xml output switch.

Acrobat Preflight output in PDF format; Apache Preflight output in XML format.

For a discussion of these results, see my blog post Identification of PDF preservation risks: the sequel: