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client rejected message sent by peer #978

abitmore opened this issue May 26, 2018 · 4 comments


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commented May 26, 2018

After firstly synced, when witness_node is in normal running mode, I noticed lots of messages in p2p.log (with log level warn):

p2p:message read_loop process_ordinary_mes ] client rejected message sent by peer {"code":10,"name":"assert_exception","message":"Assert Exception","stack":[{"context":{"level":"error","file":"db_block.cpp","line":579,"method":"_apply_transaction","hostname":"","thread_name":"th_a","timestamp":"x"},"format":"(skip & skip_transaction_dupe_check) || trx_idx.indices().get<by_trx_id>().find(trx_id) == trx_idx.indices().get<by_trx_id>().end():

This occurs when p2p failed to push a transaction to object database.

Possible optimization:

  • p2p layer don't push duplicate transactions / blocks to chain logic layer. I think there is already a mechanism about this, but perhaps possible to improve, btw #517 is related.
  • Reduce level of this logging message if it's expected to occur a lot



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Member Author

commented May 26, 2018

By the way, the biggest p2p log file on my test node is 35 MB, which is for a hour. That means we need around 35 MB * 24 * 7 ~= 6 GB of disk space to store p2p log files (which IMO is fine).


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commented Jun 6, 2018

I think there are 2 possible ways this can happen:

  1. transaction message hash in p2p layer includes all contents of transaction , but blockchain layer transaction's id (or hash) not includes the signature, so p2p layer cannot prevent receiving the same transaction (same id) with different signatures.
  2. node.cpp::on_item_ids_inventory_message does not check messages received from inactive connections infact.

so,we should add new check code.


graphene::net::trx_message transaction_message_to_broadcast =<graphene::net::trx_message>();
hash_of_message_contents =; // for debugging
dlog( "broadcasting trx: ${trx}", ("trx", transaction_message_to_broadcast) );
message_hash_type hash_of_item_to_broadcast =;
_message_cache.cache_message( item_to_broadcast, hash_of_item_to_broadcast, propagation_data, hash_of_message_contents );
_new_inventory.insert( item_id(item_to_broadcast.msg_type, hash_of_item_to_broadcast ) );

void node_impl::on_item_ids_inventory_message(peer_connection* originating_peer, const item_ids_inventory_message& item_ids_inventory_message_received)
// expire old inventory so we'll be making decisions our about whether to fetch blocks below based only on recent inventory
dlog( "received inventory of ${count} items from peer ${endpoint}",
( "count", item_ids_inventory_message_received.item_hashes_available.size() )("endpoint", originating_peer->get_remote_endpoint() ) );
for( const item_hash_t& item_hash : item_ids_inventory_message_received.item_hashes_available )
item_id advertised_item_id(item_ids_inventory_message_received.item_type, item_hash);
bool we_advertised_this_item_to_a_peer = false;
bool we_requested_this_item_from_a_peer = false;
for (const peer_connection_ptr peer : _active_connections)
if (peer->inventory_advertised_to_peer.find(advertised_item_id) != peer->inventory_advertised_to_peer.end())
we_advertised_this_item_to_a_peer = true;
if (peer->items_requested_from_peer.find(advertised_item_id) != peer->items_requested_from_peer.end())
we_requested_this_item_from_a_peer = true;
// if we have already advertised it to a peer, we must have it, no need to do anything else
if (!we_advertised_this_item_to_a_peer)

@ryanRfox ryanRfox added this to New -Awaiting Core Team Evaluation in Project Backlog via automation Jun 6, 2018


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Member Author

commented Nov 24, 2018

fill_or_kill is another thing that is spamming the p2p log heavily.

catch ( const fc::exception& e )
wlog( "client rejected message sent by peer ${peer}, ${e}", ("peer", originating_peer->get_remote_endpoint() )("e", e) );
// record it so we don't try to fetch this item again
_recently_failed_items.insert(peer_connection::timestamped_item_id(item_id(message_to_process.msg_type, message_hash ), fc::time_point::now()));

It's better to only log useful exceptions.

@abitmore abitmore self-assigned this Jul 20, 2019

@abitmore abitmore added this to To do in Feature Release (3.3.0) via automation Jul 20, 2019

@abitmore abitmore removed this from New -Awaiting Core Team Evaluation in Project Backlog Jul 20, 2019

@abitmore abitmore moved this from To do to In development in Feature Release (3.3.0) Jul 31, 2019


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Member Author

commented Aug 1, 2019

Suppressed some p2p logs in #1875, but didn't deal with the duplicate transaction pushing issue, so I'd like to keep this issue open.

@jmjatlanta jmjatlanta moved this from In development to Done in Feature Release (3.3.0) Aug 7, 2019

@abitmore abitmore added this to New -Awaiting Core Team Evaluation in Project Backlog via automation Aug 7, 2019

@abitmore abitmore removed this from Done in Feature Release (3.3.0) Aug 7, 2019

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