Assets 6

New features

  • Add Blockpay to default markets and update markets list
  • Add btsabs and Transwiser API servers
  • Allow the Chat box to be hidden from a docked state
  • Vesting balance amounts are now updated correctly, and a Try claim all button has been added
  • Chinese translation updates
  • MetaExchange has been removed from the deposit withdraw providers

Bug fixes

  • Add Bitshares bloom filter for BTS 1 account imports
  • Fix a GenesisFilter bug and update ImportKeys flow slightly
  • Fix input of uppercase characters in AccountPermissions
  • Fix Highcharts build issues
  • Remove unused refcode inputs

Binary checksums

sha1: 1fab296697240d1b1d0346d9f6f0c080f25835eb
sha256: dc7dcbe02969a7125eb03db5aeb948a131e6231ce4828a0633e5544c6a770ce2

sha1: f43bb661690686918950613c929047608197dab1
sha256: e835b83cc00af98721484c07ea6b7256c6fddaad4b9e29951ff72f61f446b7a9

sha1: a6f5c61fc094bdd61f6694d678cca0debd3ffb51
sha256: 7d3eebe2375152e63098ab85863142f5705f07f461255e451875fcb8491beb0c