@svk31 svk31 released this Jan 16, 2017

Assets 4

New features

  • Major refactor of market handling: improved order matching and market data processing
  • Upgrade to Webpack 2, add ES6 code splitting and dynamic route loading
  • [Blocktrades] Add internal conversion
  • Major package upgrades: react, react-router, alt, file-saver ++
  • Use Roboto font everywhere by default
  • Add Equivalent values to Worker table, improve layout
  • Add a warning for disabled markets and disable buy/sell
  • Only redirect to account creation on direct navigation to "/"
  • Update default markets and add some asset symbols

Bug fixes

  • [Blocktrades] Fix 'Calculating Internal Server Error'
  • [Blocktrades] Fix displaying 'Deposit limit' for 'Internal conversion'
  • [Blocktrades] Fix copy/paste for memo
  • Fix dropdown font colors
  • Fix missing connection translation key
  • Improve multi-sig signing handling, exclude owner keys if not needed
  • Hide tooltips on navigation
  • Fix Account active state in Header
  • Change 'No price available' to 'Unknown', and add a tooltip
  • Fix account creation and dictionary loading
  • Fix orderbook show more button
  • Fix some invalid JSON

Binary checksums

sha1: a2c2fb0c4ef820eb728e1b4e76a033625424b2d9
sha256: 2bb2e7ade9c8b39ab9fccd56d8eb3fa00b1443e9852689be3bd1508dc7dd6b21

sha1: 26b0c0feecccd69a911597c8f07dd9391ce56471
sha256: 0a0be81d754278282330f185330373afd60682e6eca00791e53cff169c5c0248