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chain Allow 3rd party to redeem, notify all Apr 5, 2019
db Merge pull request #1516 from bitshares/jmj_1504 Feb 5, 2019
egenesis Moved impl to fee_schedule.hpp Feb 1, 2019
fc @ 8ebd99b bump FC for std::min macOS Feb 5, 2019
net Moved impl to fee_schedule.hpp Feb 1, 2019
utilities fix build error about curl on windows Sep 20, 2018
wallet using the more expresive optional<>.valid() Mar 21, 2019
CMakeLists.txt Completely removed unused deterministic_openssl_rand May 13, 2018 add egenesis library description Jan 24, 2019

BitShares Libraries

The libraries are the core of the project and defines everything where applications can build on top.

A graphene blockchain software will use the app library to define what the application will do, what services it will offer. The blockchain is defined by the chain library and include all the objects, types, operations, protocols that builds current consensus blockchain. The lowest level in memory database of Bitshares is developed at the db library. The fc is a helper module broadly used in the libraries code, egenesis will help with the genesis file, plugins will be loaded optionally to the application. Wallet software like the cli_wallet will benefit from the wallet library.

Code in libraries is the most important part of bitshares-core project and it is maintained by the Bitshares Core Team and contributors.

Available Libraries

Folder Name Description Status
app Application Bundles component libraries (chain, network, plugins) into a useful application. Also provides API access. Active
chain Blockchain Defines all objects, operations and types. This include the consensus protocol, defines the whole blockchain behaviour. Active
db Database Defines the internal database graphene uses. Active
egenesis Genesis Hardcodes the genesis.json file into the witness_node executable. Active
fc Fast-compiling C++ library Active
net Network The graphene p2p layer. Active
plugins Plugins Collection of singleton designed modules used for extending the bitshares-core. Active
utilities Utilities Common utility calls used in applications or other libraries. Active
wallet Wallet Wallet definition for the cli_wallet software. Active
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