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BitShares Programs

The bitshares programs are a collection of binaries to run the blockchain, interact with it or utilities.

The main program is the witness_node, used to run a bitshares block producer, API or plugin node. The second in importance is the cli_wallet, used to interact with the blockchain. This 2 programs are the most used by the community and updated by the developers, rest of the programs are utilities.

Programs in here are part of the bitshares-core project and are maintained by the bitshares core team and contributors.

Available Programs

Folder Name Description Category Status Help
witness_node Witness Node Main software used to sign blocks or provide services. Node Active ./witness_node --help
cli_wallet CLI Wallet Software to interact with the blockchain by command line. Wallet Active ./cli_wallet --help
delayed_node Delayed Node Runs a node with delayed_node plugin loaded. This is deprecated in favour of ./witness_node --plugins "delayed_node". Node Deprecated ./delayed_node --help
js_operation_serializer Operation Serializer Dump all blockchain operations and types. Used by the UI. Tool Old ./js_operation_serializer
size_checker Size Checker Return wire size average in bytes of all the operations. Tool Old ./size_checker
cat-parts Cat parts Used to create hardfork.hpp from individual files. Tool Active ./cat-parts
check_reflect Check reflect Check reflected fields automatically( Tool Old doxygen;cp -rf doxygen programs/build_helpers; ./
member_enumerator Member enumerator Tool Deprecated ./member_enumerator
get_dev_key Get Dev Key Create public, private and address keys. Useful in private testnets, genesis.json files, new blockchain creation and others. Tool Active /programs/genesis_util/get_dev_key -h
genesis_util Genesis Utils Other utilities for genesis creation. Tool Old
network_mapper Network Mapper Generates .DOT file that can be rendered by graphviz to make images of node connectivity. Tool Experimental ./programs/network_mapper/network_mapper
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