Fast-compiling C++ library
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NOTE: This fork reverts upstream commit a421e280488385cab26a42153f7ce3c8d5b6281f to avoid changing the BitShares API.

FC stands for fast-compiling c++ library and provides a set of utility libraries useful for the development of asynchronous libraries. Some of the highlights include:

  • Cooperative Multi-Tasking Library with support for Futures, mutexes, signals.
  • Wrapper on Boost ASIO for handling async opperations cooperatively with easy to code synchronous style.
  • Reflection for C++ allowing automatic serialization in Json & Binary of C++ Structs
  • Automatic generation of client / server stubs for reflected interfaces with support for JSON-RPC
  • Cryptographic Primitives for a variaty of hashes and encryption algorithms
  • Logging Infrastructure
  • Wraps many Boost APIs, such as boost::filesystem, boost::thread, and boost::exception to acceleate compiles
  • Support for unofficial Boost.Process library.