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2.0.181212-rc5 Release Candidate

Please report any bugs using the Github issue system. Final release is expected on December 12th

Installation warning

This build will *replace* your old version of the BitShares UI, whether it's a release candidate or production release. If you want a stable version, use only the latest production release

Web deployment

This release candidate is available for testing at (indicated by version 20181212-rc5 in the bottom left)


  • #2221 #2267 #2262 Add collateral bidding in Asset Details page
  • Spotlight
    • #2023 Paper Wallet
    • Highlight voting Section (new UX in the making for next release)
    • Coming soon:
      • Bartering
      • Collaterized debt creation wizard
      • Timed transfers

Bugfixes and Improvements

  • #1755 #2138 Handle proposals related to phishing accounts
  • #2084 Change toolbar arangement and ANTify seach fields
  • #2100 Explore Assets - Sorting on issuer sorts by ID
  • #1826 Fixed more white screen of death issues
  • #2127 Margin Position Updates and Refactoring
  • #2046 Layout issues for various screen sizes
  • Further updates of styleguide #2197 #2206 #2208 #1997
  • #2265 Display asset white and blacklist authorities and markets
  • #2261 Enable EOS.* assets on withdraw
  • #2224 Settling bitUSD breaks application
  • #1927 ANT Replacement for Asset Selector

Integration Testing

Thanks to all integration testers from last release. An overview can be found here


The following issues have been resolved through integration testing

  • #2292 Disable Borrow on Dashbaord for GS Assets
  • #2260 Deposit EOS.* Gateway Assets
  • #2296 Fix Legacy WithdrawDeposit
  • #2336 WSoD on pair bitHKD/bitRUBLE
  • #2319 Paper Wallet file naming
  • #2290 Bid Collateral "Bid Price" inaccurate
  • #2342 Settle Modal fixes
  • #2324 Switching accounts while in Spotlight breaks the site
  • #2354 Enables the enter key for login and confirm modals
  • #2362 Catch invalid SettlePrice object
  • #2364 More nodes
  • #2347 Adds the word testnet to the node access pop up
  • #2101 #2207 #2254 #2314 #1997 #2344 Update styling

Automated release from Travis CI with added files from AppVeyor build

Please find the builds in the attached files as well as the checksums. For Linux users it is also available in the snap edge channel here

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