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BitShares Improvement Proposal

BSIP stands for BitShares Improvement Proposal. A BSIP is a design document providing information to the BitShares community, or describing a new feature for BitShares or its processes or environment. BSIPs provide a concise technical specification of features and a rationale for them.

The distinct document BSIP Purpose and Guidelines gives a more detailed explanation.

Available BSIPs

Number Title Owner Type Status
1 BSIP Purpose and Guidelines Fabian Schuh Informational Draft
2 Refund Create Order Fees on Cancel Daniel Larimer Protocol Superseded by 26
3 Maker / Taker Market Fees Flag Daniel Larimer Protocol Obsoleted by 81
4 Distribute Market Fees on Core Asset to Referral Program Daniel Larimer Protocol Obsoleted by 43
5 Expiring Votes for Witnesses Daniel Larimer Protocol Superseded by 22
6 Market Maker Incentivization Daniel Larimer Protocol Draft
7 Fee Backed Assets (FBA) Daniel Larimer Protocol Installed
8 Privacy (STEALTH) Mode Daniel Larimer Protocol Installed
9 Benefit Society Fabian Schuh Protocol Draft
10 Percentage-based transfer fee solution based on CER Jakub Zarembinski Protocol Accepted
15 Disable negative voting on workers Daniel Larimer Protocol Installed
16 Optimization to Force Settlement Parameters of BitCNY Jerry Liu Protocol Installed
17 Revive BitAsset after Global Settlement Peter Conrad Protocol Draft
18 Revive BitAsset through buying Settlement Pool Fabian Schuh Protocol Installed
19 Introducing profit sharing/dividends to Bitshares (MPA only) Customminer Protocol Deferred
20 Introducing profit sharing/dividends to Bitshares (UIA only) Customminer Protocol Deferred
21 Introducing the 'Coin-Age' statistic to Bitshares assets Customminer Protocol Draft
22 Vote Decay for Witnesses, Committee Members & Proxies Customminer Protocol Draft
23 Sharedropping an UIA against an external cryptocurrency distribution snapshot Customminer Protocol Draft
24 Locking Bitshares away as 'Bitshares Influence' for voting privileges on the BTS DEX Customminer Protocol Draft
25 Transaction Flat-Rates with Weighted Rate-Limitation Fabian Schuh Protocol Draft
26 Refund Order Creation Fee in Originally Paid Asset on Cancel Abit More Protocol Installed
27 Asset Issuer Reclaim Fee Pool Funds Abit More Protocol Installed
28 Worker Proposal Improvements Bill Butler Protocol Draft
29 Asset issuer change to require owner authority Fabian Schuh Protocol Installed
30 Always Allow Increasing Collateral Ratio If Debt Not Increased Abit More Protocol Installed
31 Update Short Position's Margin Call Price After Partially Called Or Settled Abit More Protocol Installed
32 Always Match Orders At Maker Price Abit More Protocol Installed
33 Maker Orders With Better Prices Take Precedence Abit More Protocol Installed
34 Always Trigger Margin Call When Call Price Above Or At Price Feed Abit More Protocol Installed
35 Mitigate Rounding Issue On Order Matching Abit More Protocol Installed
36 Remove expired price feeds on maintenance interval oxarbitrage Protocol Installed
37 Allow new asset name to end with a number oxarbitrage Protocol Installed
38 Add target collateral ratio option to short positions Abit More Protocol Installed
39 Automatically approve proposals by the proposer Fabian Schuh Protocol Draft
40 Custom active permission Stefan Schießl Protocol Accepted - Milestone 1
41 Reduce MSSR of bitCNY from 1.1 to 1.05 Jerry Liu Informational Superseded by 59
42 Adjust price feed to influence trading price of SmartCoins Abit More Protocol Rejected
43 Market Fee Sharing OpenLedgerApp Protocol Installed
44 Hashed Time-Locked Contract Ryan R. Fox Protocol Installed
45 Add bitAsset Backing Collateral flag/permission Customminer Protocol Draft
46 Escrow Concepts Taconator Informational Accepted
47 Vote Proxies for Different Referendum Categories and explicit voting operation Fabian Schuh Protocol Draft
48 Add Flag to Asset to Prevent Manipulating Max Supply Fabian Schuh Protocol Draft
50 Stealth development, Phase II Chris Sanborn Informational Draft
51 New operations for Confidential Asset (CA) transactions Chris Sanborn Protocol Draft
52 Ring signatures for untraceability of Stealth transactions Chris Sanborn Protocol Draft
53 Blockchain scanning for inbound Stealth transactions Chris Sanborn Informational (Client Protocol) Draft
54 Deterministic addresses for Stealth wallets Chris Sanborn Informational Draft
55 Metadata hiding via Garlic Routing and other means Chris Sanborn Informational Draft
57 Managed Vesting Balances Blockchain Projects BV Protocol Draft
58 Global Settlement Protection Through Price Feeding Jerry Liu Informational Accepted
59 Adjustment of MSSR and MCR Through Voting Jerry Liu Informational Accepted
60 BitShares URI scheme John Titor, Stefan Schießl, Abit More Informational (Client Protocol) Accepted
61 Operation to Update Limit Orders Nathan Hourt Protocol Draft
62 Close Short Position Stefan Schießl Protocol Approved
63 Short-lived Unidirectional Payment Channels Christopher J. Sanborn Informational Draft
64 Optional HTLC preimage length, HASH160 addition, and memo field John Jones, Abit More Protocol Installed
65 Fix Locked Accounts OpenLedger Protocol Draft
66 Sharedrop Operation OpenLedger Protocol Draft
67 Dynamic Market Fees OpenLedger Protocol Draft
68 Market Fee Based Asset OpenLedger Protocol Draft
69 Additional Assert Predicates Christopher J. Sanborn Protocol Draft
70 Peer-to-Peer Leveraged Trading George Harrap, Michel Santos, Peter Conrad Protocol Draft
71 Add "Prevent Global Settlement" Flag for Smartcoin Jerry Liu Protocol Draft
72 Tanks and Taps: A General Solution for Smart Contract Asset Handling Nathan Hourt Protocol Draft
73 Match Force-Settlement Orders with Margin Calls and Limit Orders Abit More Protocol Draft
74 Margin Call Fee Ratio Jerry Liu Protocol Installed
75 Asset Owner Defines MCR and MSSR Values John Jones Protocol Installed
76 Committee-Defined SmartAsset Collateral Threshold Abit More Informational Draft
77 Require Higher CR When Creating / Adjusting Debt Positions Abit More Protocol Installed
81 Simple Maker-Taker Market Fees Abit More Protocol Installed
84 Elections Based on non-Core Asset Peter Conrad Protocol Draft
85 Maker Order Creation Fee Discount Abit More Protocol Installed
86 Share market fees to the network Abit More Protocol Installed
87 Force Settlement Fee Jerry Liu Protocol Installed


BitShares Improvement Proposals and Protocols. These technical documents describe the process of updating and improving the BitShares blockchain and technical ecosystem.