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BitShares Improvement Proposals and Protocols (BSIPs)

BSIPs stands for BitShares Improvement Proposal but can also seen as an improvement protocol. A BSIP is a design document providing information to the BitShares community, or describing a new feature for BitShares or its processes or environment. The BSIP should provide a concise technical specification of the feature or the idea and a rationale for it. It may not only describe technical improvements but also document best-practises and recommendations.

We intend BSIPs to be the primary mechanisms for proposing new features, for collecting community input on an issue, and for documenting the design decisions that have gone into BitShares. The BSIP author is responsible for building consensus within the community and documenting dissenting opinions.

Because the BSIPs are maintained as text files in a versioned repository, their revision history is the historical record of the feature proposal.

A detailed description of the structure of BSIPs can be found in BSIP-0001

Funding Your Ideas

You have a great idea for a business on top of within the BitShares platform and are searching for a way to fund your idea? Here are the options we can offer you:

  • Basic Worker Proposal: All BitShares shareholders can cast a vote for your proposal/idea and will decide if they want this feature or not at the price you are asking. If they accept the price you asked, you will be #paidbyprotocol in BTS. If not, you can of course refine your proposal and try again incorporating feedback received from shareholders and the community.
  • Fee Backed Asset: If you produce a feature for BitShares that offers a new service, you can have a Fee Backed Asset created for your feature and profit from future revenue streams generated by that particular feature.
  • Crowdfunding: Instead of profiting from your FBA, you can sell them to investors to fund the implementation. Or you simply create, issue and sell a User Issued Assets.
  • Mixed Funding: You sell some of the FBA and keep the rest for yourself. Maybe the best option, you get money instantly to fund the development and you will get more later when people use the feature.


If you want to develop a blockchain/backend feature, you should probably cooperate with Cryptonomex as they can consult you how to implement everything on the blockchain and most shareholders will ask them to check the quality of your code prior to its hard fork, anyway.

Other tasks, such as basic GUI development, etc. can mostly be dealt with independently, unless access to the main repository is required. This can be asked from Cryptonomex or other active, but independent, web developers.