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Name Note Repository
bitshares-latency BitShares Nodes list (source code) litepresence
bitshares-infrastructure Configuration for HAproxy with BitShares Health Monitor blockchainbv
c-libp2p Implementation of libp2p in C Agorise
Bitshares-HUG-REST-API A HUG REST API for the Bitshares network BTS-CM
ChainSquad GmbH Blockchain development and consultation chainsquad
blockchain-telecom.graphene-core systemd service startup configuration and description is added Clementvale-LTD
bitshares-witness-monitor A BitShares witness monitoring script with telegram integration written in JS. clockworkgr
blue-loader-python Python Loader for Ledger Blue and Nano S LedgerHQ
libp2p Modular peer-to-peer networking stack (used by IPFS and others) libp2p
extinction-event metaNODE = Bitshares_Trustless_Client() litepresence
bitshares-ruby bitshares-ruby MatzFan
peerplays - plugins   PBSA
bitshares-ruby Gem to interact with Bitshares APIs. Porting to Graphene rnglabs
slips SLIP-0048 : Deterministic Key Hierarchy for Graphene-based Networks #49 satoshilabs
bts_tools BitShares delegate tools wackou
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