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Software & References


BitShares Core

BitShares Core BitShares Core is the BitShares blockchain implementation and command-line interface
Docker Container Built-in Dockerfile to support docker containers.

BitShares Core C++ Library

BitShares FC Fast-compiling C++ library provides a set of utility libraries useful for the development of asynchronous libraries
Websocket pp C++ websocket client/server library


Hashed Time-Lock Contracts (HTLC) on BitShares TESTNET: User Guide for Hashed Time-Lock Contracts (HTLC) on BitShares
Hashed Time-Lock Contracts (HTLC) on BitShares:CN 测试网:BitShares 哈希时间锁合约(HTLC)用户指南

API Related

BitShares Explorer API REST API for BitShares


Python BitShares Fully featured client-side library for the BitShares Blockchain - written entirely in python.
uptick Python-based CLI tool set for BitShares blockchain
Faucet - Tapin Tapin is a python-based faucet for Graphene-based blockchains (e.g. BitShares).


BitShares JS JavaScript tools for BitShares Encryption and Serialization.
BitShares JS-WS JavaScript websocket interface for BitShares

BitShares UI

BitShares UI Graphical User Interface for BitShares
BitShares UI API RESTful API server for BitShares based on express-es6-rest-api Bleeding edge hosted wallet off the develop branch of bitshares-ui
reconnecting-websocket A small decorator for the JavaScript WebSocket API that automatically reconnects


BitShares Mobile App This is the mobile app for BitShares blockchain

Other Related Software

G-Wallet G-Wallet is a BitShares desktop(Linux, Windows, MAC) wallet program written in C++ using wxWidgets.
beet Beet is a stand-alone key/identity-manager and signing app for BitShares, heavily influenced by Scatter
secp256k1-zkp Experimental fork of libsecp256k1 with support for pedersen commitments and range proofs


BitShares Core

API Related


Testing Tool(s)

  • :ref:`what-if-test`
    • The debug_node is a tool to allow developers to run many interesting sorts of "what-if" tests using state from a production blockchain.