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Analysis tools and exploit sample scripts for Adobe Reader 10/11 and Acrobat Reader DC
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Pwning the Reader with XFA

This git repo contains the material from my Adobe (Acrobat) Reader (10/11/DC) XFA research. The material consists of:

  • Slidedecks from my SyScan360 and Infiltrate 2016 presentations
  • Idapython analysis scripts for symbol recovery
  • PDBs for Acroform.api of versions AR 10/11/DC to simplify the debugging process
  • [Exploit samples to showcase the effectiveness and reliablity of the jfCache flink exploitation method <- only worked until AR DC v15.10.20060 (05/2016) - Adobe killed the jfCacheMgr in this update...]


  • Idapython script to collect most important symbolic information from Acroform.api (AR for Solaris v9.4.1) -> gives you dictionary 'XFAdb_v941.json' which is needed for script and
  • Idapython script to parse moScriptTable structures of all the objects found via (most XFA* and jf* objects). Finds entrypoints for scripting methods as well as for property getters and setters and adds them to your IDB
  • Very crude implementation for dumping the symbols which were found via and to PDBs. Useable, but definitely alpha status ;)
  • tpl_XXX.pdb: PDB template files
  • analysis\PDBs: Acroform.api PDB files for all AR 10/11/DC versions (english versions only!)
  • [ Idapython script collecting jfCacheManager functions and a debugging func via reliable heuristics (tested on AR 10/11/DC) and adding them to your IDB <- only works until v15.10.20060]

exploitation/sample_exploits (only working until v15.10.20060!)

  • sample_exploit_0write.js: Javascript code exploiting the 0-DWORD write as described @ SyScan360. The exploit needs to be run with (winappdbg-based) or (pykd-based)
  • winappdbg script which triggers the vulnerable 0-DWORD write
  • pykd script which triggers the vulnerable 0-DWORD write
  • Infiltrate_Template.pdf: Sample PDF which contains 'sample_exploit_0write.js' and executes it when the PDF is opened. Use it together with
  • xfa_js_helper.pdf: PDF which facilitates the execution of JS within XFA context


  • Infiltrate_2016_-_Pwning_Adobe_Reader_with_XFA.pdf/pptx
  • SyScan360_2016_-_Pwning_Adobe_Reader_with_XFA.pdf/pptx
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