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Bitso's official Java wrapper to interact with the Bitso REST API v2.


Using Maven

Add the following dependency to your project's Maven pom.xml:


The library will automatically be pulled from Maven Central.

JDK Requirements

This library is only supported by OpenJDK 8


HMAC Authentication (for accessing your own account)

Start by enabling an API Key on your account

Next, build an instance of the client by passing your Client ID, API Key, and Secret to a Bitso object.

import com.bitso.Bitso;

Bitso bitso = new Bitso(System.getenv("BITSO_API_KEY"), System.getenv("BITSO_API_SECRET"), System.getenv("BITSO_CLIENT_ID"));

Notice here that we did not hard code the API keys into our codebase, but set them in environment variables instead. This is just one example, but keeping your credentials separate from your code base is a good security practice.


Print your balance


Get your available BTC balance

BigDecimal btcAvailable = bitso.getBalance().btcAvailable;

Get your available MXN balance

BigDecimal mxnAvailable = bitso.getBalance().mxnAvailable;

Get your trading fee

BigDecimal fee = bitso.getBalance().fee;

Iterate through the order book

OrderBook orderBook = bitso.getOrderBook();
for (BookOrder bid : orderBook.bids) {

Get your deposit address

String depositAddress = bitso.getDepositAddress();

Place a market order to sell 1.23456789 BTC (returns the amount of MXN received)

BigDecimal mxnBought = bitso.placeSellMarketOrder(new BigDecimal("1.23456789"));

Place a market order to sell $100 MXN (returns the amount of BTC received)

BigDecimal btcBought = bitso.placeBuyMarketOrder(new BigDecimal("100.00"));

Place a buy limit order to buy 3 BTC at a price of $2,000 MXN/BTC

BookOrder order = bitso.placeBuyLimitOrder(new BigDecimal("2000.00"), new BigDecimal("3"));

Place a sell limit order to sell 1 BTC at a price of $10,000 MXN/BTC

BookOrder order = bitso.placeSellLimitOrder(new BigDecimal("10000.00"), new BigDecimal("1"));

Place a sell limit order and then cancel it (assuming it wasn't matched)

BookOrder order = bitso.placeSellLimitOrder(new BigDecimal("10000.00"), new BigDecimal("1"));

Get a list of open orders

BitsoOrders openOrders = bitso.getOpenOrders();

Withdraw 1.00 BTC to the following address: 17s4n5L9Lz7qciToYjjs5CJGBGRR7MxjUu

String btcAddress = "17s4n5L9Lz7qciToYjjs5CJGBGRR7MxjUu";
BigDecimal btcAmount = new BigDecimal("1.00");
boolean success = bitso.withdrawBTC(btcAddress, btcAmount);
if (success) {
  System.out.println("Successfully sent " + btcAmount + "BTC to " + btcAddress);
} else {
  System.out.println("An error ocurred");

Decimal precision

This artifact relies on the JDK BigDecimal class for arithmetic to maintain decimal precision for all values returned.

When working with currency values in your application, it's important to remember that floating point arithmetic is prone to rounding errors. We recommend you always use BigDecimal.