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Non-English speaking users should be able to use Bitsquare in their native language. This work consists of two major pieces of work: (1) externalizing existing english strings into property files, and (2) developing non-english translations. See other issues labeled re: i18n for specific language translation suggestions.

Implementation notes

Use the % prefix in FXML and BSResource in code to get all display strings from the locale property files.
In Create offer screen the internationalization is already implemented.

cbeams commented Oct 5, 2014

See also the wiki page on internationalization (which may be a bit redundant now that these issues are here, but still perhaps a good place to capture names of volunteers, etc).


We should consider using Transifex to help with translations, I found the android bitcoin wallet project is using it too. Opensource projects are free.

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llildur commented Jan 26, 2015

Im from Mexico, i like contribute with spanish translation.

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Added input from the wiki page (removed the wiki page):

Language Volunteer Email or GitHub ID Issue
Australian Lloyd btcll #167
French Jonas #151
Spanish Aleix #146
Swedish Richard remyers #150
Italian Steve stevemyers #166
German Marc #147
Bulgarian Stan @aramaic
Brazilian Portuguese adelorenzo, Felipe @adelorenzo, @AnonLoki01

Hello, I can contribute with the Brazilian Portuguese translation

aramaic commented Aug 13, 2015

Hi Manfred,

I think I can handle the Bulgarian version.


Stan Stavrev

On 8/13/2015 5:16 PM, adelorenzo wrote:

Hello, I can contribute with the Brazilian Portuguese translation

Reply to this email directly or view it on GitHub
#145 (comment).



My name is Felipe and I would like to help on translations to Brazilian Portuguese.

ghost commented Feb 3, 2016


I'd love to contribute to the Turkish localization.


I'd be glad to help with the brazilian portuguese translation as well.

BTW, it's a pity bitsquare payment methods aren't the ones brazilian people use to buy and sell bitcoin. I'd be thrilled to see bank transfer as a payment method option.


@jonathascarrijo: Thanks!

Can you provide detailed information regarding brazilian payment methods?

We have here 2 docs for collecting information and there are general requirements for a payment method to be considered for Bitsquare:

Feel free to add comments/suggestions. Bitsquare aims to support a wide range of methods, but they need to be chargeback safe and verifiable for an arbitrator.
We don't have resources to investigate worldwise all payment methods, so we rely on the help from people who want to contribute.


I'm from Brasil and I'd like to contribute with Brazilian Portuguese translation of the app and the website!

Chuox commented Apr 13, 2016

Hello, Want to help whit Spanish translation, also, the exchangue rate for VEF (Venezuela local currency) is in certain way wrong. This is an app whit prices of localbitcoin and surbitcoin the main Venezuelan exchange.


I use Bitcoin average for fiat rates.
seems they have wrong prices for VEF if those on are correct. I have a bit of contact to them and will tell them.

Thanks for offering help with translations! I will not have soon time to add multi language support to the app but I will keep you informed once we start working on that!

Chuox commented Apr 14, 2016

I see... I check and the problem is how the Index formula is calculated on, they use oficial fiat exchange rates, which in mst countries that woulnd be a problem, but our goverment lies about the USD/VEF exchangue rate (among others thing). The are using a 10VEF/USD rate, which I whis it was the true vale of the coin.
Anyway, I really like this project, I'm learning java and running "a node" to see how much can I help.


Yes I just got an anwer form bitcoin avaerage and they use the official dollar/VEF rate which is the reason for the difference...


Just chiming in to say that we don't have a great deal of options here, we have to use global exchange rates to provide our data and can't get wrapped up in local political or other debates.

Of course if anyone wants to use their own rate you can do so against our global USD data :)


@bitnumus : Thanks for your input!
I might add later in the setting an option to customize the rate for such countries where the official rate is just a wanna be :-)


@ManfredKarrer To be honest we could also do that for the global price, i'll add it to our list.



@ManfredKarrer Ah, also i forgot to mention we have a new API incoming :). I have added you to our closed beta mailing list


@bitnumus : Cool thanks!


Hi, I'd like to contribute as a Korean translator.


@ManfredKarrer I'd like to help with catalan translation 😀


Hi, I can help translate to Afrikaans (South African). Love this project!

pl48415 commented Jun 10, 2016

Hi, I can translate to Croatian.

ojedson commented Jun 12, 2016

I can help translate to Swahili,the most widely spoken language in Africa. Respect for this project

KanoczTomas commented Jul 4, 2016 edited

Hello, I can help with Slovak and Hungarian translation as well. Not sure thought where to start ;)


We still dont have the code ready for supporting translations, but thanks for your offer! We let you know once we get ready for it.

kompowiec commented Jul 28, 2016 edited

Hello, i'm from Poland and i can help add polish translation.

MarcSte commented Jul 28, 2016

Hey, thanks for the offer. There's still no code ready and it will take a while to develop. You'll be notified through our regular channels.


I can help with Slovak translation as well. Waiting for the code :-)

haiqu commented Oct 15, 2016

I will be dealing with this task since it is long overdue. Please see:

This is not the final version of the files but I'd like us to get a start on it anyhow.

cj4c0b1 commented Jan 8, 2017

I can help with Brazilian Portuguese translations if it not already done.
And if it is done and can revise to be the most correct as possible.

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