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btcll commented Oct 8, 2014

If you are prepared to help with the testing of Bitsquare and provide meaningful feedback please add your name and email to this Issue. Familiarity with Java and Github Issues is a plus but not essential.

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Would you like to help us testing a Bitsquare pre-alpha version?

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ghost commented Jan 2, 2015

I can help test it.


Andrew Kozloski is vorpalmusic at gmail dot com

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I can do it , rohyt ,
re: testing


Thanks @rohythakur. I will announce it as soon a bigger testing session starts.


Bitsquare is now already running live on mainnet and there are a bunch of offers out. More than 100 real trades have already been executed.
We need now more people helping test the system and start using it.

Here is the link to the latest version:

Would be great if you can join!


I've just got introduced to testing not too long ago. I would love to contribute to this project! - Jeremiah

riclas commented Apr 15, 2016
Paul117 commented May 1, 2016

Add me to your testers' list. I'd love to help.


I'd like to help testing:

ecslew commented Jun 16, 2016

I'd love to help out testing:


I'd like to help: - Anne


We would need testers from (mainland) China for testing Bitsquare's Tor bridge support. The sooner the better, as we want to release in a few days. Anyone who can help of has contacts in China please ping me. Thanks!

BBoBBG commented Aug 15, 2016

Hope i could help ... - Al

angshumanpal commented Oct 13, 2016 edited

Angshu at pal dot angshuman at the rate gmail dot com for initialization and etc. I can test as well, have 16 years experience in technology

cj4c0b1 commented Jan 8, 2017

Please count with me Manfred.

The idea to put your email here at plain text is not good.

Everyone that do this will certainly receive a bunch of SPAM!!! and probably hack attacks.

So please just put you comment that you want to join and help in testing.

And those that do not have enabled to show the email, or do not have it in your bio just sent an email do the admin/moderator.

That is the SECURE WAY!

sovooox commented Jan 16, 2017


also available for UAT ; sovoox (at) gmail (dot) com

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