Build Automatization

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Xcode 3

Integrate into Xcode build process

The template script Beta in the folder /client/iOS/Beta Automatisation/ can be used to automatically distribute a build to the hockey server.


This script does not work right out of the box, you have to modify it to work correctly. It's just a source of inspiration!

What the script does:

  • It checks whether the current build is for the device
  • It moves the .app and .app.dSYM files to a secure location you specify
  • It archives the .app file into .ipa file, just like Xcode's "Build and Archive"
  • It moved the archived .ipa file to your Dropbox folder, so beta testers can easily access it
  • It generates the .plist file required for wireless app distribution
  • It uploads the archived .ipa file and the generated .plist file to your server via ftp using Terminal or via scp

How you set it up:

  • In your Xcode project you have to add a new "Aggregate" target
  • Then you add your main target to that added target's dependencies
  • After that you need to a new "Run Script" build phase and paste in your modified script

External build system

This shell script in the folder /client/iOS/Beta Automatisation/ will create the manifest.plist file which is needed for OTA installation.

usage: buildmanifest name [output]

  name   : absolute path and filename of the .plist file excluding the file extension
  output : the filenane to write the manifest content, default is manifest.plist
  Example: ./buildmanifest ~/SourceCode/Hockey/HockeyDemo-Info

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