Server File Formats

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iOS .plist manifest file

The file is defined by Apple. To make the usage of this file easier with Hockey, there are some things to know:

  1. The value of the url key (named "Application URL" in step 2.iv. below) has to be __URL__.

    When uploading the application and creating the .plist file, you don't have to know the exact URL the .ipa file will be accessible with. Hockey will take care of this.

  2. In XCode 5 you can generate the file together with the app's .ipa package.

    1. Build the package with "Product"->"Archive", or if you have done that already, open the "Organizer" with "Window"->"Organizer"
    2. In the tab "Archives" select your built app archive, click "Distribute..."
    3. In the wizard, select "Save for Enterpise or Ad Hoc Deployment" and on the next page select the appropriate provisioning profile.
    4. The next page lets you decide where to export the app package. There you have to click "Save for Enterprise Distribution" and fill out the required fields.
  3. Don't add the application icon data!

    If there is an application icon available in the application directory, Hockey will automatically add the required data to the .plist file.

Android .json manifest file

By default Android does not need such a manifest file for distribution apps. But for Hockey to show a proper name and version information on the web page and in the client, this is required.

The structure is pretty simple, so here is an example:

  "title": "HockeyDemo",
  "versionCode": 2,
  "versionName": "1.0"


  • Title: The string to be shown as the name of the application
  • versionCode: Identical to the versionCode value used to build the version
  • versionName: Identical to the versionName value used to build the version