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@mcilvena mcilvena Typo: Only have on version -> Only have one version b3bf50f
@TheRealKerni TheRealKerni There is no reason a link to Google should be added here. db1e94d
@renrenfree renrenfree Updated Server (markdown) 02edb36
@christian-burger christian-burger Link wasn't available any more and it took me some time to figure out where to get the plist file. Updated information accordingly. 9ee633a
@uncleho uncleho Updated Server (markdown) 50c73fd
HHuckebein Updated iOS Client (textile) 3db6fbf
HHuckebein Updated iOS Client (textile) b316933
HHuckebein Updated iOS Client (textile) 93ebfe1
HHuckebein Updated iOS Client (textile) 616450d
@TheRealKerni TheRealKerni Updated Release Notes (markdown) fc0cc53
@TheRealKerni TheRealKerni Updated Release Notes (markdown) 9d25c8a
@osteslag osteslag Minor clarification 2dd7b49
@TheRealKerni TheRealKerni Updated Documentation (markdown) 0834894
@TheRealKerni TheRealKerni Created Release Notes (markdown) 92117ff
@TheRealKerni TheRealKerni Updated iOS Client API (textile) 65762f8
@TheRealKerni TheRealKerni Updated Documentation (markdown) 29d0e82
@Soryu Soryu Updated iOS Client (textile) 9ca7191
@ashtom ashtom Updated iOS Client (textile) ffed33b
@ashtom ashtom Updated Documentation (markdown) 2e85799
@chrispix chrispix Updated Documentation (markdown) 8021f48
@chrispix chrispix added applications using hockey 825a6ec
@TheRealKerni TheRealKerni Updated Home (textile => markdown) eace84a
@TheRealKerni TheRealKerni Updated Home (textile) 00b7135
@TheRealKerni TheRealKerni Updated iOS Client API (textile) 6fc8a6f
@TheRealKerni TheRealKerni Updated iOS Client API (textile) 3287a30
@TheRealKerni TheRealKerni Updated iOS Client API (textile) 0499c7a
@TheRealKerni TheRealKerni Updated iOS Client API (markdown => textile) 43fa475
@rbugajewski rbugajewski Fixed some smaller formatting errors. Updated Server (markdown) 6076cde
@rbugajewski rbugajewski Fixed URL value, it was parsed as Markdown and did cost me a Sunday ;-) Updated Server File Formats (markdown) e587485
@TheRealKerni TheRealKerni Updated Server (markdown) 45d85d2
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