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iOS Client API

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BWHockeyManager Properties

Property Type / Default Value
updateURL NSString / nil / required URL pointing to your server setup, e.g.
appIdentifier NSString / nil Defines the app identifier of the app when using the HockeyApp service
delegate id / nil the delegate instance responding to BWHockeyManagerDelegate protocol
sendUserData BOOL / YES Send the current user data: device type, iOS version, app version, UDID. Required to be YES for *team management
sendUsageTime BOOL / YES Send the the users usage time of the app to the service, only in 15 minute granularity!
allowUserToDisableSendData BOOL / YES Allows the user to overwrite the developers settings of sendUserData and sendUsageTime. showUserSettings has to be set to YES to allow the user to change the settings which the developer activated. If the develop does not activate sendUsageTime e.g., the user also cannot change it.
alwaysShowUpdateReminder BOOL / NO Display the new version alert only once (NO) or always if the current version is outdated (YES)
checkForUpdateOnLaunch BOOL / YES Check for updates will be performed after the application becomes active. If set to NO you have to take care your to invoke the checks yourself in your code by calling - (void)checkForUpdate;
showDirectInstallOption BOOL / NO Shows an install button in the alert view notifying about pending updates. This way the user can install the update without checking the update screen first.
requireAuthorization BOOL / NO Each new version requires an authorization against the server, if that is denied, the version will always be block the screen. The authenticationSecret has to be also set and be identical to the server side setting!
authenticationSecret NSString / nil Defines the secret string which is also used to generate the authorization token string. It is mandatory if requireAuthorization is set to YES. And the value has to be identical to the server side secret token.
compareVersionType HockeyComparisonResult / HockeyComparisonResultDifferent / optional Values: HockeyComparisonResultDifferent, HockeyComparisonResultGreater
Alert about a new version if the version string is different or if the evaluated version number is greater than the currently installed version number
updateSetting HockeyUpdateSetting / HockeyUpdateCheckStartup Values:* HockeyUpdateCheckStartup, HockeyUpdateCheckDaily, HockeyUpdateCheckManually
Defines how often Hockey should check for updates, if set to HockeyUpdateCheckManually, make sure to allow the user to navigate to the hockey update screen from within your UI, otherwise he/she will never be able to check for new updates!
showUserSettings BOOL / YES Let the user change the updateSetting value or not

BWHockeyManagerDelegate Protocol

If you implement these delegate methods in your delegate, you can use these to react on networking events and more. All methods are optional.

// Invoked when the internet connection is started, to let the app enable the activity indicator.
- (void)connectionOpened

// Invoked when the internet connection is closed, to let the app disable the activity indicator.
- (void)connectionClosed()

// Optional parent view controller for the update screen when invoked via the alert view
// default is the root UIWindow instance.
- (UIViewController *)viewControllerForHockeyManager:(BWHockeyManager *)hockeyManagerConnectionOpened()
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