Symbolication via Xcode Organizer

sticksen edited this page Oct 26, 2012 · 3 revisions

Just download the crash report file from your Quincy server installation, rename it to 'crashfile_whatever.crash' and drag it into the 'Library > Device Logs' section of your Organizer (Organizer can be opened from Xcode by hitting Window > Organizer).

After some seconds, the log will be symbolicated and you can have a look at the backtrace. The backtrace will also contain the symbolicated method names of the iOS frameworks and is thus a little bit more comfortable than just the plain QuincyKit symbolication.

You should have archived (via Product > Archive) or at least compiled the app version you´re trying to symbolicate on your Mac. Without that, you´re lacking the corresponding .dsym file, which is necessary for correct symbolication.

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