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from lxml import etree
import json
def confirm(prompt_str, allow_empty=False, default=False):
fmt = (prompt_str, 'y', 'n') if default else (prompt_str, 'n', 'y')
if allow_empty:
prompt = '%s [%s]|%s: ' % fmt
prompt = '%s %s|%s: ' % fmt
while True:
ans = raw_input(prompt).lower()
if ans == '' and allow_empty:
return default
elif ans == 'y':
return True
elif ans == 'n':
return False
print("Please enter y or n.")
#main program
cities = etree.parse("cities.xml")
root = cities.getroot()
cities_json = []
for city_xml in root.findall("city"):
print("Converting " + city_xml.get("id") + "...")
area_xml = city_xml.find("area")
area_json = { "top": float(area_xml.get("top")),
"left": float(area_xml.get("left")),
"bottom": float(area_xml.get("bottom")),
"right": float(area_xml.get("right"))
city_json = { "city_id": city_xml.get("id"),
"source": area_xml.get("osm"),
"name": city_xml.get("name"),
"area": area_json
print(str(len(cities_json)) + " cities have been converted.")
if confirm("Do you want to save the cities to the file 'converted_cities.json'? Attention: If the file already exists it will be overwritten!", default=False):
s = json.dumps({"version": 1, "cities": cities_json}, indent=3)
f = open("converted_cities.json", 'w')
f.write(s + "\n")
print("Converted cities have been saved as 'converted_cities.json'. To use the file as an input for rename it to 'cities.json'.")
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