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Version 1.0 - November 17, 2010
- Initial version.
Version 1.1 - January 19, 2011
- Bug fix: if widget was disabled by default, the buttons were not also disabled by default.
- Bug fix: buttons would not loose focus tabbing away from the widget.
- Bug fix: changing the input value did not raise the change event of the input when using the buttons or arrow keys.
- Updated: widget to use ui-widget-content so that a border doesn't have to be explicitly set in the ui-numeric CSS class.
- Updated: the ui-numeric-buttons class to use the EM unit for the button width and height.
- Added: version property.
- Added: settings to specify the up/down button icons and tooltip text.
- Added: setting to specify tooltip text for when hovering over the input.
- Added: widget now destroys itself on page unload to help prevent memory leaks.
- Added: several utility methods that extend the JavaScript Number object: roundRight(), pad(), padRight(), padDecimals(), getOrdinal(), format(), and formatCurrency().
Version 1.2 - January 28, 2011
- Bug fix: Issue #1 - After changing the input value by typing in a new value, the old value would be used when incrementing/decrementing using the arrow keys if the input had not lost focus. See for details.
- Added: "calc" setting that allows a custom function to be used to increment/decrement the value.
- Added: Moved the functionality for adding the buttons to the widget to their own function so that plugin authors can more easily override the placement of the buttons.
- Added: Support for the HTML5 "number" input type.
- Cleanup: Removed un-used "blur" event handler that was left over from fixing a previous issue.