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Core Animation based UI framework for Mac, integrated with Velvet

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This is a fork of TwUI that adds integration with the Velvet UI bridging framework.


This fork includes the TUIVelvetView and VELTUIView classes, which implement bridging between TwUI and Velvet view hierachies. When used in conjunction with the AppKit bridging capabilities of Velvet, it becomes possible to embed TwUI views within AppKit hierarchies, and vice-versa.

Additionally, Velvet protocols (like <VELBridgedView>) have been implemented on the appropriate TUIView classes.


Naturally, this fork is dependent upon Velvet. The required files can be retrieved by running git submodule update --init --recursive from the top level of the repository.


This fork is licensed under the same terms as mainline TwUI. See the LICENSE file for more information.

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