Information and Arduino sketches for the 'More FUN with Arduino' topic of Geek Gathering #5
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More FUN with Arduino

Geek Gathering #5 - 16. April 2014

This repository contains the Arduino sketches and additional Information in this README for the 'More FUN with Arduino' Geek Gathering topic from the 16. April 2014.

Presentation and Document

Geek Gathering #5 - More FUN with Arduino

Google Document with the breadboard drawings and schematics

Getting the Code

Open your favorit command line and go to the libraries folder inside your Arduino sketch folder:

  • Windows : C:\Users\ YOURSELF \Documents\Arduino\libraries
  • Mac : /Users/ YOURSELF /Documents/Arduino/libraries

Clone the following repositories:

git clone
git clone

The BtMqttSn repository contains the the Arduino Library for an MQTT-SN client communicating over an nRF24L01+ Transceiver.

Links to additional information