A override of backbone.js's model save to put properties directly into the RC.
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##Override of Backbone Model methods for eaiser use in FW/1 applications. Uses jQuery's AJAX method

These methods will help you use FW/1 with backbone.js in a more native way. The save override will put a view's properties directly into the RC. The fetch override will fetch a model and populate its properties, and the view override will populate a view with deep-nested properties (e.g. an object that has {contact : {address: { line1 : "123 fake street."}}} will populate the field with an id of contact.address.line1).


Include backbone.model.save.js, backbone.model.fetch.js, and backbone.view.js after you include backbone on the page and make sure you are using jQuery and not zepto.

In your model you can set the url property which fetch and save will both use so you'd need a smart controller method that would read the properties passed to it. You can also set a models saveUrl and fetchUrl properties respectively to load different url's for each action.

When calling a model's save method pass in an object that includes:

  • options - this is an object that inluces options for jQuery's AJAX method.
  • success - callback function to be called when the AJAX method returns success
  • error - callback function to be called when the AJAX method returns error

When calling fetch the method will try to automatically populate the model with data from the return value so its good to return json data that has the same keys as your model object.


	user = Backbone.Model.extend(
			defaults: function(){
				return {
					username : '',
					password : ''

			url: 'index.cfm?action=user.do'

		defaults: { timeout: 500, type: 'POST' },
		success: function(){ console.log('success') },
		error: function(){ console.log('error') }

Generic controller method:


	function do(){
		//only an id was passed in get
		if(structKeyExists(rc,"id") && !structKeyExists(rc,"name")){
			//return a json representation of your object;
		//id was passed and is blank, name was also passed update
		else if(structKeyExists(rc, "id") && rc.id != "" && structKeyExists(rc,"name")){
			//return a response that the callback can use