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Fully configurable docker image for Stellar Core
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Stellar Core Docker image

Docker Hub

The Docker images are automatically built and published at starformlabs/stellar-core.


This repo was originally forked from satoshipay/docker-stellar-core. The following are the primary changes.

  • Use debian:stretch-slim for the base image
  • Install from binaries instead of source
  • Add a check to makes sure that postgres is up before starting


The container can be fully configured via environment variables.

Environment variables

All Stellar Core config options can be set via environment variables. Here we list the ones you probably want to set:

  • NETWORK_PASSPHRASE: default is Public Global Stellar Network ; September 2015 which is the public production network; use Test SDF Network ; September 2015 for the testnet.

  • DATABASE: default is sqlite3://stellar.db which you should definitely change for production, e.g., postgresql://dbname=stellar user=postgres host=postgres.

  • KNOWN_PEERS: comma-separated list of peers (ip:port) to connect to when below TARGET_PEER_CONNECTIONS, e.g.,,,

  • HISTORY: JSON of the following form:

      "h1": { "get": "curl -sf{0} -o {1}" },
      "h2": { "get": "curl -sf{0} -o {1}" },
      "h3": { "get": "curl -sf{0} -o {1}" }
  • QUORUM_SET: JSON of the following form:

        "threshold_percent": 51,
        "validators": ["GDKXE2OZMJIPOSLNA6N6F2BVCI3O777I2OOC4BV7VOYUEHYX7RTRYA7Y  sdf1",
        "path": "1",
        "threshold_percent": 67,
        "validators": [
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