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Code for devices to allow them to be used with the Bitty Blue application.
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Code examples and templates for various microcontrollers for use with the Bitty Blue application.

Bitty Blue is an application for iOS and Android which allows you to play around with a device like a BBC micro:bit and experience its various Bluetooth capabilities whilst learning some programming at the same time. See for more information.

Bitty Blue was originally created for BBC micro:bit projects but in fact, you can use it with any microcontroller or computer that supports Bluetooth LE and which you can program to support the required Bluetooth services. To be more technically precise, your device must be able to act as a Bluetooth LE GAP peripheral, with Bitty Blue acting as the GAP central mode device. See for a brief description of GAP and device roles.

This repository collects together example code for various devices, created using various tools and programming languages. In some cases they are complete solutions for controlling specific types of machine and in other cases the code offers an example or a template into which you can slot your custom code.

PRs for new microcontroller types or new controllable products are welcome.

All source code is provided under the MIT licence. See source file header for details.

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