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<p class="note">
{tr}Display a flash clock. <kbd>width</kbd> and <kbd>height</kbd> are set in pixels. <kbd>width</kbd> defaults to the column width. <kbd>background</kbd> defaults to <em>white</em>. It can be overwritten by a color name (e.g., <em>blue</em>, <em>green</em>) or a hex value (e.g., #B32F69). With <kbd>src</kbd>, you can get an embed source from e.g.: <a href="">Colclocks</a>. A complete and valid link must be provided. If <kbd>src</kbd> is set to <em>text</em> or <em>Javascript</em>, a plain text or Javascript clock will be shown instead of a flash clock.{/tr}
<br />
<span class="example">{tr}Example:{/tr} <kbd>width=77&amp;height=77&amp;text=someweblink</kbd></span><br />
<span class="example">{tr}Example:{/tr} <kbd>width=111&amp;height=111&amp;background=lightgreen&amp;URL=linktoflashclock</kbd></span>
<dt class="param"><kbd>width</kbd></dt>
<dd>{tr}Width in pixels.{/tr}</dd>
<dt class="param"><kbd>height</kbd></dt>
<dd>{tr}Height in pixels.{/tr}</dd>
<dt class="param"><kbd>background</kbd></dt>
<dd>{tr}Color name.{/tr}</dd>
<dt class="param"><kbd>src</kbd></dt>
<dd><em>{tr}URL, text, Javascript{/tr}</em></dd>
<dd>{tr}Type of clock shown.{/tr}</dd>
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