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This document contains a brief list of the most important OS/2-specific changes
in the Mozilla product series from release to release.
Firefox 24.8.1 Beta 4 (2015-03-10)
- Clean up temporary files (mozilla-temp-XXX) in %TEMP% directory.
- Fix check boxes in "Clear Recent History" dialog.
- Make most visited sites' thumbnails on new tab canvas work again.
- Set correct defaults for "gfx.os2.font.*" preferences.
- Finally allow loading XUL.DLL into high memory.
- Get rid of MOZJS.DLL (it's now part of XUL.DLL).
- Use universal builds of FreeType and FontConfig (see README).
- Use newer GCC 4.9.2 compiler (requires a new GCC runtime, see README).
- Use newer LIBC 0.6.6 library (requires a new LIBC runtime, see README).
Firefox 24.8.1 Beta 3 (2014-12-30)
- Fix EXCEPTQ report generation.
- Rebuild with newer LIBOS2 to allow loading XUL.DLL to high memory.
Firefox 24.8.1 Beta 2 (2014-09-26)
- Update Firefox to latest version 24.8.1 ESR.
- Fix spell checking in text input fields.
- Update EXCEPTQ Add-On download link in README.OS2.
Firefox 24.3.0 Beta (2014-05-30)
- Update Firefox to version 24.3.0 ESR.
- Fix SIGFPE crashes in JavaScript module.
- Use newer GCC 4.7.3 compiler (requires GCC 4.7.3 runtime)
- Provide full debug info (in spearate package) for better error finding.
Firefox 17.0.5 Beta 2 (2014-02-19)
- Fix crash in Print dialog when no printers installed.
- Port IPC libraries used by the OOP (out-of-process) technology to OS/2.
- Make Flash plugin work (non-OOP mode by default due to bugs in MMPM).
- Add EXCEPTQ support to generate verbose trap reports.
- Fix distorted application icon.
Firefox 17.0.5 Beta (2013-11-04)
- First public release of Firefox 17 for OS/2.
- Make new IPC code work on OS/2 (used by the Content Processes feature and
Firefox 10.0.12 and below
- See for more information.
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