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This is the third beta release of Firefox for eCS (OS/2) version 24. It contains an important fix that brings trap report generation back and also provides a new build of XUL.DLL that should be loadable into high memory (using e.g. this tool). Trap reports are very useful for the developers and loading XUL.DLL high may make more room for other heavy applications running in parallel with Firefox.

Please read the release notes of Firefox 24 Beta 2 in order to see the full list of current limitations and software prerequisites of this version.


  1. If you find a bug (which is likely), please create an issue at the issues page. But before you create a new issue, be sure it is not already reported by searching through the existing ones using the Search field at the top of this page.
  2. When Firefox crashes it creates a trap report that may contain useful information for the developers. These reports are saved in .TRP files created in the directory where firefox.exe is installed. By default these reports contain only basic information. In order to make them even more useful (and therefore make a fix for your problem much more likely) please do the following:
    • Install the latest EXCEPTQ runtime from http://home.earthlink.net/~steve53/betas/ (currently, this one is the latest).
    • Install the Firefox symbol files by downloading the .symbols.zip archive from the link below and unzipping it to the same directory where you installed Firefox.
    • Make Firefox crash again and attach the resulting .TRP file to the issue describing your problem.