Strategy clarifications and sponsoring barometer

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We would like to clarify a few things:

There is a paragraph at "OS/2 Warp News and Rumors" dealing with our FireFox17 development. Quoting from there: "Meanwhile, most of the recent effort on the Firefox 17esr fork for OS/2 has been on porting it to a different build system, instead of sticking with what is used on every other platform."

This statement is absolutely not true. It is true that we will switch to kbuild as build system and that we invested some time already in doing so. We did this in order to ease and speed up future mozilla ports. However, MOST of the development effort went into IPC support and into merging older patches for eCS (OS/2) into the FireFox 17esr codebase.

There is another rumor going around: It is claimed that we do not want to upload our patches upstream. This is not true either. Merging patches upstream is just not our number 1 priority, especially as mozilla would not accept our patches for Firefox 17esr at this point in time anyway.

We hope we could clarify these issues from our point of view.

###Sponsoring Barometer### last updated at 29th Septembre 2014

  • required sum € 10000 (100 %)
  • sponsored sum € 480 (4.8 %) directly to bww bitwise works GmbH
  • sponsored sum € 8230 (82.3 %) via the Mensys sponsoring link
  • remaining sum € 1290 (12.9 %)

We would be thankfull if you could support us and buy some sponsorunits at [our onlineshop] (

If something is not working please write a mail to: info [at] bitwiseworks [dot] com

###Hall of fame###

  • Andreas Ludwig (500€ in week 24 2013)
  • SysStream, LLC (400€ in week 25 2013)
  • Holger Veith (100€ in week 26 2013)
  • Franz Blender (100€ in week 27 2013)
  • David McKenna (510€ in week 34 2013)
  • Microdome (100€ in week 36 2013)
  • Paladin Environmental Consulting (180€ in week 37 2013)
  • Holger Veith (100€ in week 45 2013)
  • Jan-Erik Laerka (150€ in week 47 2013)
  • Michael Holzapfel (200€ in week 9 2014)
  • Rosenthal + Rosenthal, LLC (150€ in week 13 2014)
  • R. Hvidsoe (150€ in week 15 2014)
  • Anchieri Giulio Mario (420€ in week 20 2014)
  • Tom Heite (100€ in week 24 2014)
  • Fabrizio Pipoli (120€ week 26 2014)
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