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Welcome to Qt 5 for OS/2!

Qt 5 for OS/2 is a project on porting the Qt software development framework version 5 to the OS/2 operating system. Note that the original Qt project is developed by The Qt Company which is not affiliated with bww bitwise works GmbH or this project's contributors in any way.

Currently, the project is in its early alpha development phase. You may download the latest version of the project roadmap in PDF format.

For a bird-eye view of the current progress, please check our GitHub card-style projects for Qt 5.

Note that the original Qt 5 source code is broken into several git submodules where each submodule is a git repository of its own and represents one or more Qt modules. We follow the same practice and add our own git submodules for each Qt module we port to OS/2. Currently, we have the following Qt 5 repositories:

Repository Description Issues Commit History
qt5-os2 (this one) parent repository that brings all modules together visit > visit >
qtbase-os2 submodule with basic Qt classes (Core, GUI, Network, Tools) visit > visit >

If you need to file a bug report, please use the issue tracker of a repository matching the respective Qt module using a link from the table above. If you want to check all OS/2-specific code changes please visit the commit history of each repository.


While working on Qt 5 for OS/2, we are glad to know that our work is being partly sponsored by the grateful OS/2 community. Given the scale of this project and all other OS/2 projects that we work on, and also the fact that the OS/2 world has limited financial resources nowadays, every penny counts. We need to pay our full-time and part-time developers for their hard work. So any contribution is highly appreciated! To do so, please visit our online shop where you can buy development units of a preferred value. You can also be one of our patreons or sponsor through the OS/2 VOICE button.

Sponsoring donation meter

Below you find the current state of all fund raising campaigns to port Qt 5 to OS/2
We estiminated that we need around 42000 €.
As of 24.09.2018 we collected 15796 € which is 38% of the needed money.

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