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;; This is Glass Table, an IDE (Interactive Development Environment)
;; for Gambit. Put quite simply, Glass Table is a REPL that lets you
;; save your work.
;; Glass Table maintains a "workspace" consisting of the symbols you
;; have defined at the top level and the forms you used to define
;; them. This workspace may then be saved into a Scheme file and later
;; recalled back into the workspace for future work. You may also add
;; other kinds of expressions to the workspace with a special setting
;; (see below). What's more, redefinitions of the same identifier will
;; clobber their old definitions in the workspace. (This only works
;; correctly when you redefine things the same way you defined them in
;; the first place; e.g., a symbol defined by `define-macro' should be
;; redefined with another `define-macro'.)
;; To begin using Glass Table simply enter './glass table' in this
;; directory. To use Glass Table from within a running Gambit instance
;; say:
;; (load "glasstable.scm")
;; (gt#repl)
;; This latter option is very handy for writing more complex Scheme
;; programs in Gambit for Android!
;; Various REPL commands are available:
;; * ,(new-workspace)
;; Clears all definitions in the workspace so you can start
;; afresh. Beware; currently this does not affect the bindings in
;; the environment, so any definitions you made in the REPL can
;; still be referenced in future expressions, even though there's
;; no workspace entry for them!
;; * ,(save-workspace filename)
;; Saves the current workspace as a Scheme source program into the
;; file named by `filename'.
;; * ,(load-workspace filename)
;; Loads the Scheme program named by `filename' into the
;; workspace, and also evaluates each definition or expression in
;; the file.
;; * ,(workspace-defs-only)
;; Further forms entered into the REPL will only be committed to
;; the workspace if they are definitions. (Currently, a
;; definition, for Glass Table's purposes, is any pair form whose
;; car begins with `define'. So `define', `define-macro',
;; `define-syntax', `define-record-type', etc. forms all apply.)
;; This is the default when you start GT.
;; * ,(workspace-defs-and-exprs)
;; Any further form entered into the REPL will be committed to the
;; workspace.
;; * ,(edit sym)
;; Start an editor (by default $EDITOR, or 'vi' if not set) and
;; lets the user edit the workspace definiton of `sym`. When the
;; editor is saved and closed, the edited definition replaces the
;; old one in the workspace and is evaled. It won't work if the
;; saved file is not a valid definition form.
;; Because I wrote a rudimentary REPL for GT for the time being, the
;; Gambit REPL commands don't work inside the GT REPL. I want to
;; change this!
;; * Integration with Gambit's powerful REPL, and enabling the use
;; of Gambit's REPL commands inside GT
;; * Being smarter about what counts as a define and what it defines.
;; (A macro that expands to a bunch of `define' forms should be a
;; definition form!)
;; * Other schemes. Maybe other programming languages. (How does GT
;; for Python sound?)
(define gt#def-table (make-table size: 500 init: #f))
(define gt#workspace '())
(define gt#remembers-expressions #f)
(define gt#always-evals-workspace #f)
(define (gt#definition? form)
(list? form)
(not (null? form))
(symbol? (car form))
(let ((s (symbol->string (car form))))
(and (>= (string-length s) 6)
(string=? (substring s 0 6) "define")))))
(define (gt#defined-identifier form)
(if (and (list? form)
(not (null? form))
(not (null? (cdr form))))
(if (pair? (cadr form))
(car (cadr form))
(cadr form))
(define (gt#add-to-workspace! form)
(if (gt#definition? form)
(let ((i (gt#defined-identifier form)))
(if (not (table-ref gt#def-table i))
(set! gt#workspace (cons form gt#workspace))
(table-set! gt#def-table i gt#workspace))
(set-car! (table-ref gt#def-table i) form)))
(if (or gt#remembers-expressions (gt#definition? form))
(set! gt#workspace (cons form gt#workspace)))))
(define (gt#save-workspace fn)
(let ((p (open-output-file fn)))
(lambda (x) (close-port p))
(lambda ()
(lambda (x)
(pretty-print x p)
(newline p))
(reverse gt#workspace))
(close-port p)))))
(define (gt#new-workspace)
(set! gt#workspace '())
(set! gt#def-table (make-table size: 500 init: #f)))
(define (gt#eval-workspace)
(eval (cons 'begin (reverse gt#workspace))))
(define (gt#load-workspace fn)
(let ((p (open-input-file fn)))
(lambda (x) (close-port p))
(lambda ()
(let loop ((item (read p)))
(cond ((eof-object? item)
(close-port p))
(gt#add-to-workspace! item)
(loop (read p)))))))))
(define (gt#editor)
(getenv "EDITOR" "vi"))
(define (gt#edit1 obj)
(let* ((temp-file (string-append "/tmp/gt-"
(number->string (time->seconds (current-time))))))
(lambda (x) (if (file-exists? temp-file) (delete-file temp-file)) (raise x))
(lambda ()
(let ((p (open-output-file temp-file)))
(lambda (y) (close-output-port p) (raise y))
(lambda ()
(write obj p)
(close-output-port p))))
(shell-command (string-append (gt#editor) " " temp-file))
(let ((p (open-input-file temp-file)))
(lambda (y) (close-input-port p) (raise y))
(lambda () (let ((r (read p))) (delete-file temp-file) r))))))))
(define (gt#edit name)
(let ((slot (table-ref gt#def-table name)))
(if slot
(let ((replacement (gt#edit1 (car slot))))
(gt#add-to-workspace! replacement)
(if gt#always-evals-workspace
(eval replacement)))
(error "symbol not in workspace: " name))))
(define (gt#prompt) "gt> ")
(define (gt#repl #!optional (in-port (repl-input-port)) (out-port (repl-output-port)))
(lambda (k1)
(let loop ()
(display (gt#prompt) out-port)
(force-output out-port)
(let ((form (read in-port)))
(lambda (k2)
(lambda (e)
e k2 out-port))
(lambda ()
((eof-object? form) (k1 #!void))
((and (pair? form)
(eq? (car form) 'unquote))
(gt#do-command (cadr form) k1))
(gt#add-to-workspace! form)
(let ((result (if gt#always-evals-workspace
(gt#eval-workspace) (eval form))))
(if (not (eq? result #!void)) (begin (pretty-print result)))))))))))
(define (gt#do-command cmd gt-exit)
(if (pair? cmd)
((eq? (car cmd) 'new-workspace)
((eq? (car cmd) 'eval-workspace)
((eq? (car cmd) 'quit)
(gt-exit #!void))
((eq? (car cmd) 'save-workspace)
(if (not (and (pair? (cdr cmd)) (string? (cadr cmd))))
(error "file name for save-workspace must be a string")
(gt#save-workspace (cadr cmd))))
((eq? (car cmd) 'load-workspace)
(if (not (and (pair? (cdr cmd)) (string? (cadr cmd))))
(error "file name for load-workspace must be a string")
(gt#load-workspace (cadr cmd))))
((eq? (car cmd) 'workspace-defs-only)
(set! gt#remembers-expressions #f))
((eq? (car cmd) 'workspace-defs-and-exprs)
(set! gt#remembers-expressions #t))
((eq? (car cmd) 'workspace-eval-dynamic)
(set! gt#always-evals-workspace #t))
((eq? (car cmd) 'edit)
(if (not (and (pair? (cdr cmd)) (symbol? (cadr cmd))))
(error "must name a symbol to edit")
(gt#edit (cadr cmd))))
((eq? (car cmd) 'workspace-eval-explicit)
(set! gt#always-evals-workspace #f)))))
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