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Added 'edit' command; lets Glass Table users edit workspace definitio…

…ns right in the middle of a running session.
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commit d92d686db19ea709aa8f651c256e597648716f5d 1 parent 7f55f4c
@bitwize authored
Showing with 44 additions and 3 deletions.
  1. +44 −3 glasstable.scm
47 glasstable.scm
@@ -58,15 +58,20 @@
;; Any further form entered into the REPL will be committed to the
;; workspace.
+;; * ,(edit sym)
+;; Start an editor (by default $EDITOR, or 'vi' if not set) and
+;; lets the user edit the workspace definiton of `sym`. When the
+;; editor is saved and closed, the edited definition replaces the
+;; old one in the workspace and is evaled. It won't work if the
+;; saved file is not a valid definition form.
;; Because I wrote a rudimentary REPL for GT for the time being, the
;; Gambit REPL commands don't work inside the GT REPL. I want to
;; change this!
-;; * An `edit' command that pops open your $EDITOR with a single
-;; definition and commits the new definition back to the workspace
;; * Integration with Gambit's powerful REPL, and enabling the use
;; of Gambit's REPL commands inside GT
@@ -147,6 +152,38 @@
(gt#add-to-workspace! item)
(loop (read p)))))))))
+(define (gt#editor)
+ (getenv "EDITOR" "vi"))
+(define (gt#edit1 obj)
+ (let* ((temp-file (string-append "/tmp/gt-"
+ (number->string (time->seconds (current-time))))))
+ (with-exception-catcher
+ (lambda (x) (if (file-exists? temp-file) (delete-file temp-file)) (raise x))
+ (lambda ()
+ (let ((p (open-output-file temp-file)))
+ (with-exception-catcher
+ (lambda (y) (close-output-port p) (raise y))
+ (lambda ()
+ (write obj p)
+ (close-output-port p))))
+ (shell-command (string-append (gt#editor) " " temp-file))
+ (let ((p (open-input-file temp-file)))
+ (with-exception-catcher
+ (lambda (y) (close-input-port p) (raise y))
+ (lambda () (let ((r (read p))) (delete-file temp-file) r))))))))
+(define (gt#edit name)
+ (let ((slot (table-ref gt#def-table name)))
+ (if slot
+ (let ((replacement (gt#edit1 (car slot))))
+ (gt#add-to-workspace! replacement)
+ (if gt#always-evals-workspace
+ (gt#eval-workspace)
+ (eval replacement)))
+ (error "symbol not in workspace: " name))))
(define (gt#prompt) "gt> ")
(define (gt#repl #!optional (in-port (repl-input-port)) (out-port (repl-output-port)))
@@ -198,5 +235,9 @@
(set! gt#remembers-expressions #t))
((eq? (car cmd) 'workspace-eval-dynamic)
(set! gt#always-evals-workspace #t))
+ ((eq? (car cmd) 'edit)
+ (if (not (and (pair? (cdr cmd)) (symbol? (cadr cmd))))
+ (error "must name a symbol to edit")
+ (gt#edit (cadr cmd))))
((eq? (car cmd) 'workspace-eval-explicit)
(set! gt#always-evals-workspace #f)))))
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