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RScheme 0.7 Snapshot 3.2

License For Free Use
January 3, 2002

RScheme is free software. It is not public domain -- I retain
copyright to all source code -- but it is free, and you have license
to use it as you desire. This includes utilizing it as a complete
system, adapting it to your purposes, building new applications using
and incorporating it, etc. This free license also includes the
ability to redistribute RScheme unmodified, or to redistribute derived
works. These things and more you can do free of charge.

Also, note that RScheme comes with ABSOLUTELY NO WARRANTY. Because it
is free, and made available for your use with no compensation due, I
cannot warrant it to be suitable to any purpose, to be free of
defects, or to comply with any standard, etc.

Given that, I hope you can enjoy and utilize it. Certainly I do both.

-- Donovan Kolbly RScheme Development Group
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