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		     How to Install this Package

This is the Postgres 95 interface package for RScheme.  It is an
optional part of RScheme.  This document describes how to install it
once a fully configured and installed RScheme system is present.  The
configuration described in this file utilizes the dynamic module
linking feature of the RScheme system.

(1) prerequisites


    You must have installed RScheme, with the `rsc' compiler (the
    `make rsc' target from RScheme's src/ directory)


    You must have Postgres 95 installed.  The configure script assumes
    it is in /usr/local/pgsql (I haven't figured out how to tell the
    script to accept a different path as an option yet, so you can just
    munge the resulting Makefile if it's really somewhere else...)

    If you're on Debian, the required packages are:
       libpq1          <-- NOTE THIS
    I've tested this on version 1.09-1 of those packages.


    This package makes use of Postgres 95's date/time structures,
    which didn't get installed when I installed PG 95 on my system.
    I had the sources in /usr/src/pgsql, and had to do something like:

	ln -s /usr/src/pgsql/src/include/utils/datetime.h  \

    to get datetime.h to show up in the right place.

(2) enabling dynamic linking

    ** NOTE:  This applies to Linux ELF; I'm not sure yet how this might
    **        apply to other systems

    To enable dynamic linking, modify your preamble.mak located in:


    to have a `-rdynamic' flag in the set of LDX_FLAGS, leading to something

      LDX_FLAGS=-rdynamic -L$(INSTALL_DIR)/lib -lrs ...

    Recompile your RScheme shell.  This _particular_ package
    requires that syscalls be present, so I use the `rstore' fasl'd
    shell (ie, the `make fasl_rstore' target from RScheme's src/
    directory).  If you run `make fasl_rstore' after tweaking
    preamble.mak, it will relink the `rstore' shell and install it.

(3) configuration

    ** NOTE:  This configuration concept is brand new, so please forgive
    **        any rough edges, and suggestions are welcome!

    run `./configure'

    This will create `Makefile' from `Makefile.in'.

    Of note is that the configure script will search your path for the
    program `rsc', which is the RScheme offline module compiler.  The
    RScheme install directory will be presumed to be the parent of the
    directory in which `rsc' is found.  That is, if RScheme is installed
    the usual default way, then it will be in /usr/local/lib/rs/0.7-0.9
    (for example).  Then rsc will be found at:


    If you want to use a location other than the one `configure' will
    find, specify a `--prefix=RSCHEME_DIR' option to configure.

(4) compilation

    run `make'

    This will invoke `rsc' to compile the module, invoke a recursive
    `make' on the pg95/ subdirectory, which is where the modules'
    C files were put by rsc, and link the object files into libpg95.so

(5) test

    rstore -m ./pg95.mif test.scm
    Copyright (C) 1995-1997 Donovan Kolbly <d.kolbly@rosette.com>
    RScheme comes with ABSOLUTELY NO WARRANTY.
    type ",warranty" for details; type ",help" for some help
    loading C module pg95: ./libpg95.so

(6) installation

    run `make install'

    This will install the three components (the .mif file, the .mx file,
    and the lib.so file) into $RSCHEME_DIR/resource/modules, which is
    where the system expects to find them.

(7) use and enjoy!

    Now, any time you use the pg95 module from an RScheme program,
    it will dynamically link in the code along with the module.

    ** NOTE:  The current implementation breaks if you save an image
    **        and then try to reload it (CR 568)

    % rstore test.scm
    RScheme (v0.7.1b14, 97.02.27-02:43)
    Copyright (C) 1995-1997 Donovan Kolbly <d.kolbly@rosette.com>
    RScheme comes with ABSOLUTELY NO WARRANTY.
    type ",warranty" for details; type ",help" for some help
    loading C module pg95: ./libpg95.so
    top[0]=>(sql/create-table c "ppl" 
	      '((name (varchar 10) :index) 
	        (b_day date :index) 
	        (age int)))
    top[1]=>(sql/insert c "ppl" '("lane" "4-28-1995" 29))
    top[2]=>(dumptbl c "ppl")
    1 tuples, each 3 fields
    field "name": type 1043
    field "b_day": type 1082
    field "age": type 23


-- Donovan Kolbly                       Rosette Webworks Inc.
   459-8745 x 26			d.kolbly@rosette.com