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dsl - methods for constructing a bitwrap schema
Uses Petri-Net Markup as a "Domain Specific Language" (DSL) to define a bitwrap machine.
from bitwrap_machine.pnml import Transition, Place
def append_roles(net):
""" build roles from edge list """
for edge in net.edges:
if edge.inhibitor and ('_role' in edge.source):
role_name = edge.source.replace('_role', '')
if role_name not in net.roles:
edge.role = role_name # set required role
def places(net):
""" build place vector definition """
_places = {}
offset = 0
for place in net.places:
# KLUDGE: refactor 'role' conventions to be more explicit
if not '_role' in place:
_places[place] = {
'offset': offset,
'position': net.places[place].position,
'initial': net.places[place].marking
offset += 1
return _places
def empty_vector(size):
""" return an empty vector of given size """
return [0] * size
def transitions(net, net_places):
""" build set of transitions from network """
_transitions = {}
for action in net.transitions:
_transitions[action] = {
'delta': empty_vector(len(net_places)),
'position': net.transitions[action].position,
'role': 'default'
return _transitions
def apply_edges(net, net_places, net_transitions):
""" re-index edges and places """
for edge in net.edges:
source = edge.find_source()
target = edge.find_target()
if isinstance(source, Transition):
if edge.inhibitor is True:
raise Exception('Roles cannot be targets')
offset = net_places[]['offset']
net_transitions[]['delta'][offset] = 1
elif isinstance(source, Place):
if edge.inhibitor is True:
net_transitions[]['role'] = edge.role
offset = net_places[]['offset']
net_transitions[]['delta'][offset] = -1
raise Exception('invalid edge %s' %