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South Sound .NET User Group Public Site

This project is for the South Sound .NET Users Group.

Project Resources

The active team are using several resources to manage the project, to gain access to some of these resources contact either Brad, Cam or Bobby.

Building The Site

There is a common psake based tasks script located in the root of the source repository. To build the site open PowerShell and issue the following command:

C:\Projects\Public-Site [master]> .\tasks.ps1

This will compile the source and execute all tests, which are the default tasks defined in the tasks.ps1.

Running RavenDB Server Locally

The project uses RavenDB as a data store. To run the site locally you must have the RavenDB server running. You can use the following command in PowerShell to start the server:

C:\Projects\Public-Site [master]> .\tasks.ps1 server

Note: To stop the server, type "q" and press the Enter key.

You can browse the RavenDB management site at http://localhost:8080

You may want to clear all data out of the database to get to a clean state, to do so use the following command from PowerShell:

C:\Projects\Public-Site [master]> .\tasks.ps1 clean-data

There is a backup file located in docs/inital-data/InitalData.raven.dump. You can use the import task in the RavenDB management site to import the backup to get some sample data into your database.

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