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TypeTac - Tachyons in TypeScript

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TypeTac is a TypeScript library for Tachyons. There are many benefits of Tachyons, but the goal is to "Create fast loading, highly readable, and 100% responsive interfaces with as little css as possible."

The benefits of TypeTac are:

  • Type Checking — no need to wonder if the class name you want is valid, typescript will throw an error if not
  • Autocomplete — use your favorite typescript editor to autocomplete definitions
  • Documentation — alongside autocomplete, get full documentation in your text editor about all tachyons class names

This comes with a tiny footprint of only 327 Bytes

import tac from 'typetac'
import React from 'react'
// you'll still need to import tachyons like normal
import 'tachyons'

// tac is an object with tachyons types
const name = tac.ma1.pa1

// but you can treat it as a string at any point in the call chain
console.log(tac) // ''
console.log(tac.ma1) // 'ma1'
console.log(tac.ma1.pa1) // 'ma1 pa1'
console.log(tac.ma1.pa1.br2) // 'ma1 pa1 br2'

// which makes Tachyons in React a breeze
const Comp = () => (
  <div className={tac.ma1.pa1.br2}>
    {/* if you want to compose other class names, it's easy */}
    <div className={`${tac.ma1.pa1} class1 class2`} />

// and easy to use without a framework
const element = document.createElement('div')
element.className = tac.ma1.pa1.br2


MIT © Ben Williams