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The "helpful" contrib is an example of using Bixo to mine the
Hadoop mailing list archives to find the "most helpful Hadooper".

This was created as part of a presentation at the Bay Area
Hadoop User Group meetup in Sept 2009. The URL for this is:

It should also be available at

In a nutshell, this web mining app is a Cascading workflow that
uses a Bixo FetchPipe to fetch pages and mailbox archive files,
then parses the mailbox archives using a custom Tika mbox parser.
The analysis phase gives points to a Hadoop mailing list user
when they post to the list, and somebody replies with some
expression of thanks/gratitude.

To build this code:

% cd <path to Bixo>/contrib/helpful
% ant clean compile

To create an Eclipse project:

% cd <path to Bixo>/contrib/helpful
% ant eclipse

after which you would import the project into your Eclipse workspace.

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